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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birth of a Carpenter

I thought I'd start a blog to document some of the projects I've worked on and give me a place to rant about anything I want, mostly related to home remodeling.

Though I learned a few things growing up on a farm and using tools from a young age, the real experience came when my wife and I made the decision to buy a fixer-upper in East Nashville as a starter home. This was before East Nashville was so expensive and we bought the ugliest house on Eastside Ave.

It was somewhat overwhelming, but we had to dive in because the roof needed to be repaired. I bought a book at Home Depot to guide me but was still hesitant to start ripping shingles off. Thankfully, my wife, Stephanie, coaxed me ahead and said I could do it.

I'm glad she did. The roofing repair went great and helped me build the confidence to try another remodeling baby step. (Yes, I was the crazy guy on the roof trying to finish after dark with work lights blazing... :)

It wasn't long afterward that I had my building permit in hand and we were gutting the upstairs. The plan was to finish upstairs first, then live there while we did the downstairs.

When we started, the walls looked like someone had glued paneling to the walls and then ripped it off. The floor was covered with carpet squares that were glued to the floor. We moved the doorway a little so you no longer had to go through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. I also updated all the wiring and plumbing.

Upstairs Room Before & After...

My wife was due with our first child so we made record time! We started in November and had finished the upstairs in May just before Noah was born June 2nd. Whew!

More on this project later,


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