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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apartment Kitchen Before and After

This project has been complete for a while, but I thought I'd post some of the pictures showing the transformation from a den to a kitchen for this downstairs apartment.

To separate the living areas and make room for the kitchen, we would need to remove the stairs and close up this wall. This would be where all the plumbing and new electrical would be located.

It's an apartment, so there's nothing too high-grade here. The floor is tile and the counters are stock-laminate. Even using fairly basic cabinets and materials, the end product is quite nice, especially compared to a lot of the other places out there for rent.

Here's an interesting picture after we had removed the stairs and were ready to start framing the new wall. We saved all the pieces so that the stairs could be put back together someday if it was needed. (Someone will be thankful for our consideration, I'm sure.)

Just for fun, I sketched the kitchen out using the design program from IKEA. I didn't end up using any IKEA products, but this helped me get a good idea of how everything would fit together. Read more about that here.


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