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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Framing the New Gable Porch

With the old sagging porch out of the way, (see this post) it was time to frame a new one. The goal was to better support the structure, but also match the old porch style as much as possible.

I started by finding my center lines and cutting back a little more roof decking so that I could make a place to tie in my ridge beam. The old porch didn't have one which was one of the main problems with it. I sistered a couple 2x6's to one of the rafters where I would attach the ridge beam. This will secure it and support the weight of the porch.

You can see in the pictures where I also added some braces to add more strength to this structure. It's a little unusual to think that the ridge is holding up the porch- usually there are posts or walls holding up a roof. There will be brackets attached below for some support, but I want those to be mostly decorative.

I was able to save and reuse the old rafters which were bulky, old-fashioned, 2x6s. This means that they measure 1 5/8 instead of the modern 1 1/2. This will match the upstairs gables and stay with the look of the home, especially since the homeowners wanted to leave the vinyl off the porch and expose the eaves.

I made the ceiling with doubled-up 2x6s on front and back. I attached one to the house first above the door, making sure it was completely level and solidly nailed to the house framing. Then I added the rest of the ceiling framing to that.

Having two 2x6's around the perimeter of the porch will do the job structurally, but to match the old porch it needs to end up around 5 inches thick. To achieve this I put a piece of 3/4" plywood on the sides which will be covered with 3/4" trim inside and out. That should do the trick.

Next will be roofing...


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