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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Are You A Craftsman in YOUR Work?

I was reading through some forums on the Internet and found an interesting comment that someone made saying that a contractor was highly "certified", but wasn't a craftsman and his work showed it.

Hmmm.. Behind any job that a person does is a certain mentality or work ethic. It's HOW the job is done. For example, it's not especially difficult to install baseboard. However, making all the joints nice and tight takes some experience.

You have to desire to do a great job.

Every project is a challenge to be faced. It's not "just another job". It's an opportunity to build experience, try something new, and form potentially life-long relationships with clients.

Of course, this can apply in construction, but why not apply the concept to how we live life?

Is dinner 'just another meal' or a chance to build relationships with family? If it's worth doing, isn't it worth doing well?

Michael Gerber, in The E-Myth Revisited, writes about successful small businesses, saying that they are the ones that do all the little things right. They take every customer interaction and try to make it remarkable.

You can tell I'm thinking deeply this morning... back to work... :)


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