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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Beauty Treatment for Ugly Walls

We've been sorting through boxes to reclaim part of our house and we found an issue of House Beautiful from June 1953. It's really fascinating to see ways that our homes have changed, as well as our lifestyles over the past 56+ years.

One ad for Romany Tiles caught my eye that describes their ceramic tiles as "wear proof, fade proof, flame proof, stain proof- and so easy to keep clean." They call it "A Beauty Treatment for Ugly Walls." It reminds me of all the bathrooms in all those 50's ranch homes that I've seen covered with tile of all colors and designs. Usually it's still in great shape, so maybe Romany was right?

I also noticed at least two different ads for toilet seats. Of course, both are bold colors to match the tile & fixtures of the day. Olsonite is the brand for "America's Smartest Bathrooms", while Church Seats say they are "The Best Seat in The House". Kind of humorous today, I suppose.

The cover article is about a $20,000 house that utilizes low-cost production techniques with custom-design quality, including a refrigerator, washing machine, and a TV set! They also feature a house that they call suitable for families with an income of $7000 a year!

Things have certainly changed. Have they changed for the better? Perhaps it's doesn't matter, but what are we doing with the changes? Hopefully, it has increased our quality of life and not just are anxiety and busyness, right?

Something to think about next time you're admiring your generic white toilet seat... :)


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