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Monday, August 24, 2009

Play it Safe With Outlet Extensions

Whenever you build out a wall by adding a layer of drywall, wainscoating, or ceramic tile, your electrical boxes will no longer be flush with the finished surface. This problem can be fixed with a simple outlet extension.

In addition to giving you a place to mount a receptacle and make connections, the electrical box is useful in protecting your home from any sparks that might come from faulty wiring within the box. This works as long as the box has a cover, or in our case, is flush with the wall where the receptacle covers it.

We've added 1/4" of cementboard, thinset and thick travertine subway tiles to our backsplash which means that the outlets are set back nearly an inch from the newly finished surface of the wall. We need to close this gap.

No problem.

These particular boxes where the smaller electrical single receptacle boxes that are common in older homes. I found an extension that fit the box perfectly and made for an easy fix. After turning off the circuit and checking the outlets to confirm that they're off, I just loosened the screws and slid the extension over the outlet and screwed it back on.

Now it's flush with the tile. Safe and sound.


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