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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grouting the Travertine Floor and Slate Hearth

Things really start to come together once the tile gets grouted. The beautiful character of the travertine and slate really begins to stand out and you remember why you went to all the trouble and expense to put it down.

I've noticed that there are many kinds of travertine out there. Some are left in a more rough condition, having a 'tumbled' look. The particular one I was using has been polished smooth on the surface, even though the back shows many of the natural pores that run through the natural stone. The color may vary widely from a sandy brown color to even stark white.

We used a sanded grout called "linen" which is a light shade of brown that will coordinate with these dramatic tiles really well.

DID YOU KNOW... The Coliseum in Rome is the largest building in the world that is constructed primarily of travertine!
The slate at the fireplace hearth also got grout today. I used a charcoal sanded grout that looks nearly black. It makes a bold statement against the white trim that fills the rest of this Craftsman home in East Nashville.


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