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Monday, October 19, 2009

Final Touches for the Kitchen Tile

As I mentioned before, this was a quick tile job because I had to get it done before the homeowners got back from their short vacation. I made it by my deadline and all were happy...

I grouted the floor on Saturday with a sanded grout color called cinnamon. When it was wet it had a deep red tint to it but darkened to more of a reddish brown as it dried. The homeowners picked it out and it matches the red hues in this ceramic tile very well and looks great with the red accents in their kitchen and dining room.

My job today was to just install the transition trim in the doorways as well as shoe moulding around the walls. This was fairly straight-forward except for a couple tricky angles under a small cabinet.

I was pleased with the results, and thankfully, so were my clients... :)


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