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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Add Some Crown to the Beadboard Porch Ceiling

This week I took a morning to do some trimwork for a friend who had just installed a beadboard porch ceiling at his Inglewood home. It's a beautiful stone home that is getting some updated finishes like cedar posts to replace those ornate steel ones that were holding up the porch and rusting out.

Anyway, they left the crown moulding for me and I was glad. It's fun to see how things transform once you add trim. You can tell from the pictures that it still needs some paint, but the change is already remarkable.

This porch took around 80 feet of 3 5/8" crown. It's wide so I got to use some 16-footers. Again, I used a longer 2x4 as a helper to hold one end while I secured the other end. If you're trimming out a porch with crown you might like these posts:


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