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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trim for Inglewood Kitchen Project

It was trim day at my kitchen project which is always fun because of the transformation that takes place when you start hiding all the rough edges.

The kitchen has 4 doorways that all got 3 1/4" casing. Some of the door jambs had to be extended with furring strips by about 3/8" because of the drywall that I had installed that made the walls a little thicker. (See this post)

In addition to the doors and a little baseboard, I installed some thing trim around the large recessed refrigerator to hide the unfinished ends of the drywall. There was also a matching cavity above the fridge that would hold a couple wine racks that I trimmed out as well. (See picture).

Now that the Travertine flooring is installed and grouted and the trim is going in, we are very close the end of this project. I'll start caulking and puttying trim tomorrow and wrap this up with some paint after that.


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