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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Idea for Budding Carpenters

Anyone with small children should be teaching them the basics of carpentry and construction, wouldn't you agree?

Whatever your motivation, you might enjoy taking your kids to one of Home Depot's "Kid's Workshops". One Saturday a month, they offer free activities for kids. I took my three kiddos this morning and they had a blast. Abby (3) built a bean-bag toss game and Noah (5) built a helicopter. Anna (1.5) just watched. All of it was free. Of course, they're hoping that we will shop there. (I'm there nearly everyday during the week, so I'd say they owe me a helicopter or two... :)

I'm not really trying to promote Home Depot, however, my kids love doing these activities and getting to do some hammering and nailing. They even love getting dressed up in their orange aprons and look forward to going back the next time.

Next time, maybe they could do something with nail guns or at least a miter saw.


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