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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Converting the Garage to Living Space

I started a new project today for a client in East Nashville who wants me to convert an old garage into finished living area. She's planning to sell the home soon, so adding these 220 square feet to a small 800 square foot home will really add some room to stretch out a little.

Sometime in the past the garage door had been removed and patched to make this room a utility work room. It's time to finish the job and make it nice. Here are a few of the upcoming steps:

  • Gut the room except around the laundry area.
  • Move the back door.
  • Have a new cement poured to level the floor and add a patio at the back door.
  • Have an electrician add outlets and light fixtures.
  • Add a couple windows to let it more light.
  • Build a wall around the laundry area to make a large utility closet and hide that stuff.
  • Build a new landing with nice stairs.
  • Drywall the entire thing, trim, paint, and eventually carpet.

It's about a four week project. Stay tuned. Of course, I'm planning to document the process so you can follow the fun! :)

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