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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Better Tool for Cutting Rigid Insulation

I just noticed a video on the Fine Homebuilding site highlighting the use of a sharpened putty knife to cut rigid insulation. The author, Charles Miller, says that it was the best tool for the job that he’s ever found. It might work, but I’ve got a BETTER idea.

For the studio project I’ve been working on, we installed tons of very dense insulation. Much of it was mineral wool that was quite rigid. I discovered fairly early on that the best way to cut it was with my linoleum knife.

A linoleum knife is one of the tools you buy when you’re installing linoleum and the rest of the time it’s in the toolbox and never used. The large curved blade is extremely sharp and comes to a point so it’s fairly dangerous just to have around. However, it made cutting this insulation a piece of cake.

We used 1” and 2” thick pieces, which the knife handled in one swipe!

I’m not a fan of handling insulation any more than I have to, so having an easy way to cut it really made this part of the project more bearable.

I may have to keep this knife handy. Who knows what other uses I’ll come up with?!


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