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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Magnetic Drill Bit Holder & Guide

Here's a tool that I really hate to be without. It's an extension that holds hex screwdriver bits. Since it's magnetic, screws 'stick' to it and don't fall off. It helps so much when you're trying to drive a screw and your other hand is not free (which is most of the time).

I learned how dependent I've become on this simple device when I was using a friends drill the other day and he didn't have one. I kept expecting the screws to 'stick' to my driver tip but they kept falling off on the ground. It was a headache.

There's one more awesome thing about this tool. The sleeve on it extends forward to further ensure that the screw is guided into place. I like to extend the guide and then rest it on one of my fingers while I'm driving the screw. The guide won't spin, but will allow the driver to spin and drive the screw.

I found these online for $5-10, but there are probably some out there for even less. Anyway, it's worth every penny!


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