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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Master Bedroom Redo

In our first home, a challenging fixer upper in East Nashville, we faced many issues that are quite common to homes that were once neglected duplexes. For example, there were suspended ceilings like you have in an office building throughout half of the downstairs. Above the ceiling tiles were pipes, ductwork, and hidden cracks in the plaster.

The master bedroom was a great example of how unattractive it was, although this picture doesn't show the suspended ceiling or the large stains in the hardwoods. Everything was painted a dirty white color, which I suppose is better than dark pink...

The former closet didn't extend to the ceiling, there was just a flat surface above it that could be used for storage. Sounds nice, but it looked weird and made it really obvious that the closet was not an original feature of the home. I wanted to finish this out with some nice doors to access the storage space and add a small shelf to display knick-knacks or whatever.

I also installed Crown Moulding throughout the downstairs and built soffits to enclose the drainpipes for the upstairs bathroom.

The closet itself wasn't built with any doors on it to hide its contents. I wanted to install bi-fold doors so I built a post in the middle to separate his/hers closet space and trimmed it to match the rest of the doorways. That was fun. I also installed a switch and some low voltage lighting so that the closet wasn't so dark.

Here's a final picture showing all the goodies:

I love seeing old homes come back to life.


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