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Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Roof For a Sunroom

With the Skylight doomed for removal and the rafter framing finished, (yesterday's post) it was time to head up to the roof to start taking apart the flashing and see how much sheathing needed to be replaced.

The window came off quite easily because, of course, it was rotted anyway. The weather was cold and potentially rainy, so I worked in small sections that could be covered if needed. After covering the window opening with 1/2" plywood I started tearing off shingles on the half of the sunroom that seemed spongy.

After removing the shingles it was clear that I needed to replace more sheathing. I used every bit of the 4x8 sheet that I had on hand. I took off the rest of the shingles with my handy roofing shovel (an unusual tool that you won't use much, but will be glad to have when tearing off shingles) and put down 15 pound underlayment or tar paper.

To match the rest of the house I used 25 year 3 tab shingles. They went on smoothly, though I was getting chilled to the bone on the roof in the cold weather we were having.

With the roof finished it will be time to head inside and replace the ceiling drywall and patch things up right. I'm so glad that I got the roof finished yesterday because today had a wind chill of 28 degrees with hail and sleet! Great weather for cleaning up shingles from the backyard, right? :)

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