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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Built In Bathroom Cabinet

As part of 'trim day' yesterday I not only took care of the wainscoating, but I also built a small cabinet to fit in a small alcove behind the bathroom door in my bathroom renovation.

I had been designing this in my head from the beginning. I thought it would be cool to have a counter with an outlet where the homeowner could put electric razors or a hair dryer, etc- a place to contain the mess. Below the counter I built a two-shelf cabinet with doors.

The cabinet is actually only a cabinet face. The sides and back are just the drywall that was already there. I mounted supports on the wall to hold the shelves and just attached everything to studs that I put in just the right spot when I was framing.

I made the front of the cabinet out of higher-grade pine and the doors are nice plywood. At the bottom I put a 3" toe-kick to give the feeling that this is more like a piece of furniture than just some storage cabinet. It turned out great and looks even better with paint.


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