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Monday, May 18, 2009

Make a Larger Drywall Repair

When doing some other repairs for one of my fantastic clients, I was asked to patch a hole in one of their closets. I've covered how to patch a small drywall hole in this post, but today's repair involved a larger area and I handled it just a little differently.

First, I like to cut out a section of drywall to replace. It's always easier to patch if I can make the hole square and not oddly shaped. You can see that after taking out all the cracked/damaged section I was left with a larger hole.

Next, I needed to add something to screw my patch to. My hole was adjacent to a stud so I tacked a nailer there to support the right side. On the left, I screwed the edges of a couple 2x4 scraps so that enough would remain to support the other edge of my patch.

Now it's just a matter of cutting a piece of drywall to fit and screwing it in place. Then, you can mud and tape it just like anything else.


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