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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tile Cut of the Day

I've been laying tile the past couple of days in our bathroom and kitchen of the apartment we're adding to our home. The bathroom had quite a few interesting pieces to cut, but this was the most interesting:

This piece fits around the base of an older vanity that will get a complete makeover after the tile is finished.

To make a cut like this, I started by marking the tile with a Sharpie. After that it's just a series of notches. The main thing is to take your time and be careful because it's very fragile after you cut such a large notch out of the middle. I was glad that it fit so good!

For these floors I'm using these darker tiles that I found at Home Depot for $1.09 a square foot. Not bad for something I actually like! They are around 11 1/2" squares and I'm using 3/16" grout lines. These rooms are on a cement slab, so I'm just putting the tile right over that. It's (nearly) all level and things are going well.

Tomorrow I can start grouting...


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