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Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to Extend a Tub Drain Stopper

This may be a trivial post, but somebody out there will be really happy to have this info...

Last week I was installing the tub drain stopper for my Inglewood bathroom renovation. The problem was that we had decided to install a slightly deeper tub than normal. (Great for soaking, more difficult for tub stoppers!)

The stock tub drain stopper from Home Depot was just slightly too short to stop the water from going down the drain. Here's a solution that I've used to fix this problem a couple of times now:

1. Install the normal tub stopper as directed.

2. Pick up a 1/4" turnbuckle from the hardware store. You can check the diameter of your tub stopper shaft, but most are 1/4".

3. Cut the tub stopper shaft and insert both ends into either end of the turnbuckle. This will allow you to adjust the shaft length as necessary and will extend the tub stopper to fit!

The other alternative to this is to install a pop-up drain that doesn't need the flip-switch mechanism to close the drain. That may be easier, but if you like the switch, you'll need a turnbuckle... :)


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