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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Make a Closet Into an Office

Last week I helped a client change a hallway closet into a small office space. It's a great way to hide all of your office equipment and desk that (if you're like me) often get's piled up with paperwork.

This particular closet was around 54" wide. The idea was to add a couple grounded outlets for computers and other equipment, then add a laminate countertop to use as a desk.

Thankfully, the closet is above the garage where I was able to find a grounded outlet to add these too. I removed the baseboard and drilled a 3/4" hole through the bottom plate into the garage. From here, I could string wire up through the wall to put one outlet below the counter and another one above.

I marked the locations for the outlets and used my small drywall saw to cut the holes. I soon discovered that this wall was only 2" deep and I would have to use shallow electrical boxes (pictured). Otherwise, the electrical installation went very smoothly.

With the outlets installed, I cut some stock laminate countertop that the homeowner picked out. I nailed some 2x4 supports around the perimeter so that the surface of the countertop would be at around 30" from the floor and be a comfortable height.

The side walls weren't quite square to the back wall, but I was able to get it to fit quite well. With the addition of a couple shelves and some keyboard drawers, this space is ready for work!


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