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Monday, May 4, 2009

Seal the Unglazed Floor Tiles

After finishing laying the floor tiles this morning I took care of some fun tasks like installing the long-awaited shower fixture and the bathroom light fixture. It's so cool to finally start seeing a finished product!

The floor tiles are unglazed 1" hex tiles. Unglazed tiles are great for a bathroom floor because they will be a little less slippery than glazed tiles. The downside is that they don't have a protective coating and might absorb some of the grout. White tiles stained with grey grout is not a good thing.

To take care of this issue it is widely recommended that the tiles are sealed prior to grouting. The sealer manufacturer suggests two coats before grouting and each needs a couple hours to dry. So, I gave my floor the first coat this afternoon and will do it again in the morning.
Of course, after the grout sets up, the floor will get another coat of sealer to protect it from stains, etc.

In the meantime, my brain is starting to think about getting some wainscoating on those walls and designing a small built-in cabinet for behind the door. (Yes, I wake up at night thinking about this stuff! It can be a problem... :)


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