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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drywall Lift Makes Ceilings a Cinch!

Hanging ceiling drywall used to be a real pain. Even with a helper, it can be difficult to hold the panels in place and fasten them using the ol' noggin or some homemade 2x4 "T-braces". Let me tell you a simpler way. It's called a drywall panel lift.

I forget where I first saw one of these, but several years ago I rented one from Home Depot to do some ceiling drywall and was amazed. It made the job go so much faster- not to mention, easier to accurately position the drywall in the right place. With the old fashioned way, it took a lot of adjustments to get those t-braces in just the right spot.

The panel lift is actually fairly simple to operate. Once you have it assembled just cut your piece and lay it on top. Crank up the stand and position it where you want it. Once it's in place, tighten it a little more and the fasten it with screws.

I can do ceiling drywall by myself now and it goes quickly. All for under $30 for a 4 hour rental, just a little more for 24 hours. That's money well spent when you think of all the headaches that you'll save.

(pun intended- hope you got it... :)


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