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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Purple is the New Green

The bathroom I've been renovating finally got drywall today. The homeowner had asked me about using the green drywall, also called greenboard. It's for use in wet areas because it's more mold resistant. However, when I walked into my favorite Home Depot, I noticed that the greenboard had become purpleboard!

So, I used purple.

After some quick searching online, I've noticed there is some debate about whether it's actually any better than the standard drywall. Some contractors joke about it saying that it will crumble just like any other drywall and "Who cares if it's mold resistant if you have to rip it out when it's wet anyway!?".

Some other posts I read did say that it was stronger than typical drywall and even had a layer of fiberglass in it. I'm not sure about that. In working with it today, everything about it resembled the ordinary stuff, except that the paper was purple and it was harder to see my blue chalk line on it!

The debate goes on. For me, I doubt it would hurt and for just a couple bucks more a sheet, it's probably worth the expense, especially if you like purple...


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