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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Subway Tile Ready for Grout

After another day of laying the tile surround for my bathroom project in Inglewood I'm finally ready to grout.

I started today by removing the straight edge supports from the second row that I tiled yesterday. This supported the tile and kept them level until the morter could set up.

This is a second story bath and I had the wet saw set up outside on the back porch. It was a hike everytime I needed a cut. Before mixing the thinset this morning, I went ahead and cut all the tiles that I could.

First, I went around the top edge of the tub and dry-laid those pieces. While the tub is nearly perfectly level, there is some difference in the width of the tiles from front to back. I actually marked all these pieces and numbered them so I'd know where they went. This way, I could make one trip down to the saw and do them all a once. It worked great.

The sides of the surround alternated between a full piece and a half piece (3") of tile. Knowing this, I went ahead and cut all these 3" pieces beforehand as well.

Mostly, today was more of the same as yesterday. However, when laying the first row I got the spacing right and then stuck a piece of tape on it to hold it there. You can see this in the picture as well as my numbers telling me which tile is next.

I was hoping to start the floor, but I'm not quite there yet!


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