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Monday, April 13, 2009

Finding House Parts in Nashville

When renovating our 1920’s Bungalow in East Nashville over the past few years, I had to discover places other then Home Depot and Lowe's to buy house parts that looked like they belonged in a home this old. You can buy the paint and caulk at these stores, but where do you go when you need an old wood door, or a fireplace mantle?

Here are some suggestions:

Habitat For Humanity Home Store, 1001 8th Ave South
Habitat runs two stores that are only blocks from each other. Both stores have new/used items that were donated to be sold so they can raise money to build more Habitat Homes. This store, on South 8th has home/office furnishings like filing cabinets, light fixtures, textiles, mirrors and more.

Habitat For Humanity Home Store, 908 Division Street
This store is packed with hundreds of old doors, windows and all kinds of building materials. You can also find kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, paint, flooring and more. The best stuff goes quickly, so you might need to come back often to see what you can find. They post some of their items online so click here to see what I’m talking about.

Hailey’s Salvage & Building Material, 1224 Dickerson Pike
Tons of building materials salvaged from demolitions and renovations. Find clawfoot tubs, vintage sinks, ornate mantles and fireplace surrounds. Might be a great source for items for your rental property. Free tip: Bring the pickup when you go.

Preservation Station, 1809 8th Ave South
After you buy doors at the Habitat Home Store, this is the place to go to buy your antique hinges and doorknobs. They also carry a variety of old doors and light fixtures. This is not a discount store. They carry architectural antiques, which means they are pricey and rare. When you’re looking for that perfect chandelier for your 1905 Victorian home, this is the place to start. They also buy items if you have any antique house parts to get rid of.

Okay, that’s my list. Be careful, though. It’s very easy to find something at these stores that you love, but you don’t really have a place for. You may end up renovating your home just to have a place to put it…


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