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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready for a Tub!

With the room cleared out from yesterday, it was time to start putting things back together to install a new tub with shower were the old shower stall was. I decided to start with the plumbing today because I wanted to have it out of the way.

You can see where the galvanized supply lines ended at the old shower. I made the transition to PEX with some Shark-Bite connectors and had to cross the lines to keep the hot on the left side. I got everything hooked up and was thankful to not even have one drippy connection! That's a good day, right!?

The drain from the old shower stall had to be moved as well. This didn't prove to be too difficult. The last plumbers had completely removed the floor joist so I had plenty of room to work with.

I'm a little concerned about the floor being strong enough for a tub full of water with this joist missing, so I'll add some extra bracing tomorrow before I set the tub in place. It will also get two layers of 3/4" plywood to build it up to match the rest of the subfloor.

I made the drain transition from 2" galvanized to 2" PVC with a rubber sleve. I used a p-trap that has a compression joint in the center. This type of joint screws together with a big nut, rather than being joined with cement. This will make it easier to install from underneath, and also allow it to be removed, should it get clogged someday.

I'm soooo ready to do drywall, but alas the tub is next!


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