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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drywall Scaffold Comes in Handy

I spent some lengthy hours finishing drywall over the past week and was really glad to have a tool called a drywall scaffold on hand. My dad actually bought me one when I was doing the East Nashville Bungalow project and it got tons of use.

The drywall scaffold is great because you can reach a much greater area without coming down (your knees will thank you!). It's very sturdy, yet it folds up into something that would fit into a closet and out of the way.
The rails are great for clipping a work light to, or holding your drywall tape. In addition, it's makes a great work bench sometimes as well as a place to stack rows of painted trim while they dry.

Most of all it's great for whenever you've got much drywall work to do. You can buy one for around $100, and I'd say it's very worth it. Even better if you can find someone else to buy it for you!


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