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Friday, June 19, 2009

Bathroom Tile Floor Makeover

It's always fun to do projects that really transform a room. In this bathroom project, we put new tile on the floor and replaced the vinyl base with stained baseboard.

The tiles are stock from Lowe's. We mixed two shades into a checkerboard pattern. The two shades are called "Mocha" and "Hazelnut". I guess the bathroom is now a bistro, eh?

We put the tile down on the first day (see this post). I grouted the floor this morning with a sanded grout called "Sand Beige". It coordinated with the tiles and looked great. I used a matching caulk to seal the seams around the vanity and thresholds.

After installing the baseboard and the toilet, the bathroom looked completely different. Here are the before and after pictures:


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