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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fix For A Little Termite Damage

When termites get a hold of your house there could be major damage. Fortunately for a couple of my clients, the damage was quite minimal for today's repair.

Termite damage usually comes up whenever someone is selling their house. In this case, the inspection found a place near a side entrance where the termites had eaten some of the subfloor and into one floor joist. Thankfully, most of the members were still quite solid, so the fix only required some reinforcement.

Usually a termite fix requires sistering a new joist along side a damaged one and sometimes adding jack stands or piers where more foundational support is needed. In this case I was able to reinforce the existing subfloor with some 1x8s on the end of the joist that would supporting some new plywood under the old subfloor above.
In all, the fix was easy- other than having to crawl to the other side of the house for the repairs.

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