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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coping Baseboard Inside Corners

When trimming an inside corner with crown moulding, the best way to make the joint is to 'cope' the corner with a coping saw. This is also true when laying baseboard or even shoe moulding. Here's how it works with baseboard like I was doing this week:

1. Install the first piece with the end square and flush with the wall.

2. The next piece will get 'coped'. Cut the end at a 45 degree angle with the back being the longer edge. (See Fig. 1)

3. Grab a coping saw. Cut along this edge with the saw angled back into the board (Fig. 2). You may want to lightly sand your cut to make a really smooth edge.

4. When you've got it right, the front edge will sit flush with the piece you've already installed with no gaps and you're done!

Coping is better because even if the piece moves a little, as trim will do sometimes, there will not be a gap because the boards overlap. If you cut both boards with a 45 degree angle and one moves, then you'll have a gap in the corner.


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