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Monday, June 8, 2009

Landscape Renovation to Sell Your House

I enjoy variety in life. Today it was evident as I left my nail guns behind and grabbed some mulch to renovate the landscaping for a client who is about to list his home for sale.

This older Inglewood home has some charming qualities to it and had at one time had some decent landscaping. My job was to clean up the beds and make the home look great. This was a low-budget makeover with the only materials expense being a load of mulch. Thankfully, there were already some nice plants there to be uncovered.

On the one side of the home was a small decorative brick wall that could not even be seen because of an overgrown shrub that had taken over. I thinned out the shrub and tried to give some margins between the brick wall and the surrounding plants.

For the most part, I just pulled weeds and added mulch. This can go such a long way toward sprucing up any home. Add just a handful of anchor plants like shrubs or perennials and you can have a nearly carefree landscape to compliment your home.

I found a few stray plants that seemed out of place that I moved to open spots. The beds don't have to be full, but I hate to toss anything, so I tried to use these 'volunteer' plants somewhere. Mostly, this was a shade-loving ground cover called vinca minor that has lush green leaves and small blooms in spring.

With about 6 hours of my time and a load of mulch, this house is ready for the market!


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  1. I just bought a house and I am planning to re-do the whole garden. Might need some more tips, haha.