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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Out With the Old Blue Toilet

Today I had the pleasure of changing out a client's old blue toilet. I'm sure in the right setting- in the right decade- this toilet was completely appropriate, but not any more. Sometime along the way this bathroom was completely tile with black and white tile, yet ended up with a blue toilet.

For whatever reason that it was here, today it was released from duty. A white toilet may be a boring replacement, but at least it matches the room, right!?

Replacing a toilet is usually a fairly simple undertaking. After turning off the water and disconnecting the hose and nuts, you just lift the old toilet off. Then, you need to scrape off the old wax ring that is now all over the old toilet flange.

With a new wax ring and bolts, you put the new one back the way the old one came off. Tighten it down so that it doesn't rock back and forth, but don't overdo it or you'll break the toilet!
Once it's set, put some silicone caulk around the base and give it a test drive...


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