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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Duct Tape for the Plumbing Please

Duct tape is great for nearly everything, right? Well, probably not the best choice for holding your drain pipes together.

The P-Trap in the picture had two different joints with duct tape on them. I'm sure it was the easiest way to make it work, because the pipe from the tub drain above was in a very awkward location compared to the drain line- not plumb with the current P-trap.

I thought about ways to fix the joints and make it work, but I thought it would be easier to just replace the entire thing- and it was, I'm sure. I cut the old 2" cast iron trap just before the bend and joined it to the new 2" PVC with a rubber coupling. To make the cut I used my reciprocal saw with a special carbide-tipped blade.

From there I installed a new 2" P-Trap. Because of where the drain pipe was located, it took a couple long elbows to make all the connections, but in the end it worked great.
No duct tape involved!


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