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Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Unusual Job with a Nice View!

I get asked to do all kinds of work for people. I enjoy that kind of variety. Today, was certainly an unusual chore.

My dad has been diving into amateur, also known as ham, radio. As he gets more serious, he also gets more antennae! Today, he wanted me to take down the old TV antenna that hasn't been used for years and replace it with one that will broaden his radio reception.

The tower tops out around 32 feet high and I made sure to have a safety belt on. I could attach the belt to the tower, which allowed me the use of both hands. It took a few trips up and down, but I got the old one off and installed a new rotor and the new antenna that had a 20 foot span.

We also grouted some tile, but that didn't seem nearly as interesting... :)


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